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About us

Nothing beats a custom-made solution


More than a software

At Cactusoft, we think that a software alone doesn't cut it. Adopting a new IT solution is also an opportunity to rethink existing processes. Only a custom solution enables you to do things your way and keep your company's ability to adapt.

It's for that very reason that we make a point of supporting our clients throughout their projects. May it be reviewing you current processes, giving advice in change management or training your personnel, our team is there to ensure that your new custom-made software properly integrates your company. That's what we've been doing since 2008.

Our mission

We offer consulting, development and integration of custom software for our clients' processes, promoting eco-friendly and socially responsible practices, with an emphasis on the quality of our work. We pride ourselves in allowing our clients to implement the best software quickly and at low costs.

Our vision

We dream of a world where the best technological infrastructure is a convenience that every business can afford. The best technology should allow employees to bolster their full potential, while facilitating eco-friendly and socially responsible practices.

Let us tell you “No”

We too, know a thing or two about running a business

To better understand

The perspective of an external consultant can sometimes raise potential issues. Our mandates are never purely technological since we know that the integration of a software can be a complex process.

Our teams all have dual technological-business skills that allow them to enlighten you on the business implications of various technological decisions.

To improve

In some cases, computerizing a process is a good opportunity to improve upon it. Rest assured that our advisors are well aware of this and won't hesitate to share their opinion on the subject.

Our objective is to guide you through the decision to modify or not your processes by presenting you a clear picture of the situation; business implications, technological implications.

If there's a better solution

We want what's best for you. If another solution already exists on the market, or if we feel we don't have the necessary expertise to carry out your project, we'll gladly direct you to the right people. In some cases, we can still work together around the integration.

We think you will appreciate our integrity, and we could possibly do business together in the future.

Our services

Everything you need to integrate your new custom software

Custom-made software

Developed according to your needs, tailored to your business.

Reengineering of your processes

Consulting services to review existing processes and improve them, with or without a new software.

Project management

Let us handle the coordination of various stakeholders. We manage, you decide.


Some apps can be developed in a few weeks only. Fast, inexpensive, ideal for small businesses or tight budgets.

Training of personnel

Training plans for your personnel. Online, on-site and interactive workshops.

Fast and reliable support

Technical support for your custom-made software. Answers the same day, 7 days a week.

The scale of your project

A project tailored to your needs


Our agile development methods and experience allows us to carry out very small projects. The name says it all: a micro-project can last for as little as two weeks, from the assessment of your needs to the delivery of your new software.

Custom tool

Your Excel spreadsheets aren't cutting it anymore? Custom software tooling allows you to improve your processes without changing your organisation too much. Such tools are perfect to help you standardize some of your processes and centralize data. No more looking through hundreds of Excel spreadsheets to find information. And of course, we make sure your new tool integrates well with your existing processes.

Rearchitecture of your processes

Nobody likes change, but it is sometimes beneficial to rethink the processes as a whole. Our team has the expertise to assist you in your adventure. We can redefine processes with you, design and develop a software, and also train your personnel. Our goal is clear for this kind of project: a step-by-step transition, at your own pace, while accompanying your staff, so you can continue operating without interruption.

Our team

We are young and dynamic

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